Rating System

Below, I’ve compiled what all my ratings mean. For movie reviews, the 1 – 5 star ratings mean pretty much the same thing. Please note that if I give a book/movie three stars, it does not mean that I disliked it; it just means that I have mixed feelings and don’t know what to think.

5 stars: sell your arm, leg, and firstborn child for this (I’m not responsible for any lost body parts or children)

 I am SPEECHLESS. This book was the definition of perfection – or as close to perfect as a book can get. You have to read it, or at least get it. Now. I don’t want no excuses, no sir. No money? I don’t care! Just cram it into your budget and before you know it, you’ll be thanking me. 😉

4 stars: break into the bookstore (not a recommended action, but… you’re pretty desperate now, aren’t you?)

Really quite good! I had an exceptional time reading this, and I don’t think I would mind reading it again – that’s how much it managed to impact me. Fully recommended!

3 stars: let your decision depend on the toss of a coin

I’m on the fence about this one. On the whole it was enjoyable… I guess? I don’t know, really. Probably best go seek an opinion from someone who isn’t as indecisive as I am. That’s at least one solid suggestion I can give you. 😉

2 stars: go to the libr- oh, don’t even bother

Let me be frank: I didn’t like this much.

1 star: the most painful way to die

Stay awaaaaaaayy! No, really – what are you still doing here? This book will probably scar you for life! *tries to scratch eyes out*