Want to know more about the features on my blog? I’ve listed them below, along with a description!

Top Ten Tuesday

Hosted by The Broke and Bookish, Top Ten Tuesday is where I list down top ten books/bookish things according to the given topic. It’s lots of fun, and don’t hesitate to leave links to your own Top Ten posts!

Blogger Panel

Here, four bloggers come together as a panel and are asked a single, thought-provoking, bookish question (either submitted by other readers, or a question of my own). The main idea for this feature is to provide a sort of insider’s scoop into what bloggers/reviewers think about certain topics in books, or anything bookish related. This is a somewhat regular feature, and you can sign up whenever!

Warp Drive Sundays

Warp drive” is a system most commonly known in the Star Trek movies, where a vehicle is able to travel faster than light. Warp Drive Sundays are where we “warp” back in time and recap all that happened on the blog the previous week, plus noteworthy posts from all around the blogosphere.

Sci-Fi Saturdays

A feature exclusively on Adrift on Vulcan, Sci-Fi Saturdays let me go on about science fiction related things! It doesn’t even necessarily need to be book-related. I hope to have this once a fortnight.

Monthly Portkeys

A “portkey” is most commonly used to transport a person or a group of them from a place – much like Apparation. Unlike Apparation, you don’t need to be of a minimum age. Monthly Portkeys are where we transport back in time and recap all that happened both on the blog and in my life the previous month. Plus pictures! If there’re any.

Monthly Reapings

Every month, I reap – um, sorry, select – and interview an author whose book hits shelves the day the post goes up, and there’s always a giveaway! Inspired by Badass Bookie’s Debut of the Month feature.