Survey: Are Book Reviews Boring?

I have a… kinda embarrassing confession to make.

Are you ready?

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Which YA Heroine Are You?

I’ve always wondered what heroine — or, okay, fine, character — I would be if I were in a YA book. Haven’t you? Well, now’s your chance to find out! I’ve created a short but fairly simple test for all you eager beavers out there to take. Your honesty counts. In order for this to be the most accurate, you have to be honest when answering the questions. I’m hoping to include some of the lesser-known heroines here, but just in case you’re not familiar with them, I’ve also included short descriptions so you can get a bit of information on them.

Welcome to the ultimate test.

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What Every Sidebar Should/Shouldn’t Have

I have a confession: I’m kind of a superficial person. Meaning that I let the design of a blog decide my overall opinions on it, before I actually sit down and look through the blogger’s content to see what they may be interested in. Which is totally horrible, I realize, but I can’t help it. I cringe inwardly whenever I see a badly designed blog — especially those with cluttered sidebars and topbars and freaking widgets everywhere.

That’s why I have decided to give you some tips on what your sidebar should/shouldn’t have. I don’t claim to be an expert at blog designing (I mean, just look at this current blog right here), but here are just some ways on how you can keep your sidebar neat and tidy, and also avoid slowing down readers’ browsers.

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Sometimes… I Feel Jealous: Blogging Envy

Blogging envy is something that’s been bugging me ever since I started this new blog, and really — I just need some place to vent, which is a warning to you that this post might get ranty. Bear with me!

But what do you mean by “blogging envy”?

Before you think that I’m talking about book hauls and stuff, let me clarify: this post isn’t about that. I mean, I do get envious whenever I see someone receiving a pile of ARCs I really want to read, but it’s the good kind of jealousy, you know? The kind of jealousy that will probably not do any harm except to my pocket, when I decide to buy a book (or ten).

No, this blogging envy is about comments.

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Quiz: 10 Quotes Every Bookworm Should Know

I decided to do something different today, and because I simply LOVE bookish quizzes, here’s my hand at one!

Here’s how it goes.

I’m going to list down ten quotes every self-proclaimed bookworm should know (nah, I’m just saying that. No worries if you can’t guess some of them, because even though I’m a self-proclaimed bookworm I know there’re many well-known books out there that I haven’t read either!). What you’re supposed to do is guess which book the quote comes from. Type up your answers in the comments, press publish, and then check and see if you got them correct! I hope none of you will cheat, because where’s the fun in that?

Without further ado, let us begin!

It gets harder and harder. You’re welcome.

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