Survey: Are Book Reviews Boring?

I have a… kinda embarrassing confession to make.

Are you ready?

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What Every Sidebar Should/Shouldn’t Have

I have a confession: I’m kind of a superficial person. Meaning that I let the design of a blog decide my overall opinions on it, before I actually sit down and look through the blogger’s content to see what they may be interested in. Which is totally horrible, I realize, but I can’t help it. I cringe inwardly whenever I see a badly designed blog — especially those with cluttered sidebars and topbars and freaking widgets everywhere.

That’s why I have decided to give you some tips on what your sidebar should/shouldn’t have. I don’t claim to be an expert at blog designing (I mean, just look at this current blog right here), but here are just some ways on how you can keep your sidebar neat and tidy, and also avoid slowing down readers’ browsers.

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Sometimes… I Feel Jealous: Blogging Envy

Blogging envy is something that’s been bugging me ever since I started this new blog, and really — I just need some place to vent, which is a warning to you that this post might get ranty. Bear with me!

But what do you mean by “blogging envy”?

Before you think that I’m talking about book hauls and stuff, let me clarify: this post isn’t about that. I mean, I do get envious whenever I see someone receiving a pile of ARCs I really want to read, but it’s the good kind of jealousy, you know? The kind of jealousy that will probably not do any harm except to my pocket, when I decide to buy a book (or ten).

No, this blogging envy is about comments.

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Choosing Quotes: Help!

Hey guys!

Today I want to talk about choosing quotes from books. In whatever book I’m reading, I’m always looking for quotes I can note down – or highlight, if I’m reading on my Kindle, because I like including quotes in my reviews AND taking little pieces from some of the books I’ve read. And it doesn’t even need to be of books I like. Sometimes, I find quotes pretty easily. But then there are the times when I have difficulties.

For some reason, I’m really concerned (okay, fine, fussy) about the kinds of quotes I choose and put in reviews. They must be just right, meaning:

  • They must be non-spoilery (duh)
  • They must make sense to everyone
  • They can’t be too long
  • They must want to make the reader read the book… or not read it, for horrible ones
  • They must feel meaningful, or beautiful, or significant, for good books; for bad ones, they just need to drive home a point I’ve pointed out
  • They must evoke some kind of feeling from me, and hopefully others

Does that sound overly picky or what?!

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