One of my biggest dreams? To visit space.

There’s just something about floating in stars and being able to see planets I’ve only ever seen in pictures, whether it’s from behind an astronaut’s helmet, or from the window of a space shuttle. Millions of miles of uncharted territory; space holds secrets we probably will never know – and that’s what makes it fascinating. Hence the science-fiction obsession and anything related to the galaxy and aliens.

Hi! I’m Megan — but you can call me Meg — and I’m sixteen. I live in Asia, have a cat and two dogs, as well as a ton of books that I need to pick up soon. I’ll, uh, get to that soon…. 

Books aside, I’m really just a normal girl with a passion for sleeping, and a love for blogging and graphic design. I like to think that I’m friendly, when really, a more apt description would be awkwardly sociable. I’m the kind of person who’d fuss about the smaller things but be totally oblivious to the big, I’m-right-in-your-face stuff.

Some of my unhealthy obsessions are Harry Potter (you guys, this is the book that started everything), books, Henry Cavill, Robert Downey Jr., books, and my cat. Whose name happens to be Butter. You probably figured it out, but our nickname for him is “Butt.” Maybe that’s why he tends to get a bit moody at night — he’s not too happy with his name.

That’s about me, in as little words as possible. (Twitter bios aren’t counted.)

So go ahead: talk to me! I promise I won’t bite. 🙂

And because my cat’s the cutest thing ever, I shall leave you now with a picture of him that you can worship. 😉

Yep, he’s wearing glasses! Nerdy boy.