Blogger Panel: Your Fav Characters Aren’t the MCs?!

Whew! It’s been a long time since I had one of these — nice to pull it out from under those dusty piles of long-forgotten emails… I always knew I had a flair for the dramatic.

Anyway, seeing as the previous planned BP never happened because of my blogging hiatus, I’ll just be bring forward that planned panel for this one. So sorry for keeping you guys waiting; I hope you don’t mind! Without further ado, our lovely bloggers for today —

Emily from Constellation Chronicles

Arial from In Italics

Rinn from Rinn Reads

Kayla from The Thousand Lives

Really appreciate you signing up! The question, asked by Shelly from Read. Sleep. Repeat., is…

 Do you find that your favorite characters are not the main ones? (That happens to me all the time!)

Emily says…

Hi Shelly!

Great question! 🙂

Actually, I didn’t really think in that way before, but come to think of it, I think what you said is actually true in my case!

There are certainly very rare cases that the main character steals the show for me. Come to think of it, I really can’t put a name to my favorite main character! Because I always find someone else in the novel to be the one who has the limelight, and I’m always flipping through the pages desperately to find when that certain character will make his/her appearance!!

For me, I find that the characters with the brightest wit and spark are the secondary characters, or I find myself falling over for the love interests! (I’m sorry, I am a hopeless romantic sometimes!)

For example, if you ask me who my favorite character is from The Iron Fey, I would tell you Puck. Or if you asked me about Under The Never Sky, I would say Roar.

I think because authors try to show a realistic perspective of humanity, they tend to make the main characters stumble around a lot, make plenty of mistakes, and they main character can also have a rather annoying voice at times. And maybe because authors try hard to make the secondary characters likable and appealing so that they can give readers some “feels” (like I get them!), that’s why we tend to prefer the secondary characters more 🙂 It’s debatable I suppose, but I definitely find that I tend to spazz over the secondary characters more, LOL! xD

But great question Shelly! I didn’t really think about this before, to be honest 🙂

Arial says…

Main characters are interesting creatures. They are usually my favorite because they get the most attention, development, and personality. Even though I believe that secondary characters should get just as planned out as primary ones, I feel like it hardly ever happens. In my opinion, secondary characters are more often parodies or stereotypes of certain qualities (humor, beauty, etc) than actual people. With that said though, I am not at all opposed to having the secondary characters be my favorites. In Premeditated by Josin L. McQuien the secondary characters stole the spotlight. One in particular, Brucy, was hilarious and complex and really had an important role to play. In the end, he was vital to the plot and wasn’t just there when it was convenient. So, while I usually love the main characters, when the secondary ones have their own story to tell, I love them just as much, if not more.

Rinn says…

That’s a tough question, because it’s one I’ve never really considered before. When I think of favourite characters in bigger series, it’s difficult to judge because so often some of the minor characters have big fanbases, which can often seem more important to the story than they are. For example, in Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood is a particular favourite of mine: she doesn’t care what others think of her, she does exactly what she wants, she has her own beliefs and sticks to them no matter how much people laugh at her or talk behind her back. Although she is only a minor character in terms of story, she is a bigger character in the films and is widely loved by fans worldwide.
It’s the same with George R.R. Martin’s series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’. Tyrion was always my favourite, and his importance as a character has only grown with each book. I think that perhaps because we learn less about minor characters, it can be harder to get a good view of them and therefore develop any sort of opinion about them. But then again, there might just be that one little thing that instantly pulls you to them!
Kayla says…
Here’s the short answer: Yes and No. Now for my long answer: It all really depends on the book, and the author. Sometimes I really love a secondary character, and sometimes I don’t. In some books, when there’s more than one main character, I just pick my favorite main character. Like with Divergent (which I just finished – yay!), Tris and Tobias are the two MCs, but I like Tobias more. Although now that I really think about it, I can split my habits between genres.
If it’s a contemporary fiction, I like the secondary characters more. They’re usually more level-headed, and they know what’s up. Unlike the MC, who usually whines for the first half of the book, and frequently doesn’t even change at the end. Second Chance Summer is one I just read, and while I enjoyed the main character Taylor, her brother Warren was the one I really loved. He was just easier to connect to, and he had a lot of characteristics that I see in myself.
With any other type of book, it’s a hit and miss. Sometimes it’s the MC, sometimes it isn’t. And then sometimes I love all of them! Like the Hunger Games – Peeta (MC) is one of my top book boyfriends, but Finnick (secondary) absolutely stole my heart. In the Maze Runner, it was Minho (secondary). In Ender’s Game, it was Ender (MC). For Angelfall it was Raffe (MC), but for the Mortal Instruments it’s Alec and Isabelle (both secondary).
And now that I’ve rambled far too much, here’s my main point: I have no habit. It’s based on the character that I find most appealing, whether or not they’re secondary or main.

What do YOU think?

Do you have any favorite characters who aren’t main ones? Is that becoming more and more often? What do you think about it? Leave your thoughts below!

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6 thoughts on “Blogger Panel: Your Fav Characters Aren’t the MCs?!

  1. Ooh what a cool idea. I love the blogger panel idea and asking a question to everyone. I do notice sometimes that there’s a character that is a side character that I think is way more awesome than the main ones. But, to me if that happens, then it is a bad book. I’m supposed to root for the main characters, but if I don’t care for them, then there’s a problem. LOL

  2. Totally get this but I usually end up liking the MCs than the secondary characters. But sometimes MCs are created with some sort of generic main character personality that are really clichéd. Then the eccentricities are given to the other characters which make them unique and more fun to read. Well, that’s just me.

  3. Whether or not I end up favoring the MC depends largely on if I can relate to them and/or like them. If not, then I end up preferring secondary characters. I think secondary characters are sometimes more fun and can steal the show, but they usually don’t have the same depth as the MC (especially if everything is told from the MC’s POV). Good topic discussion!

  4. This happens to me so often! To be honest, most (though not all) main characters bore me to death. It seems to me as if they’re all the same. You know, the usual combination of stupidity, spunk, flaws, and compassion. Basically every main character ever. Not only that, but the authors seem to want to make them so that the readers can relate to them (i.e. normal), which prevents them from having any of the cool quirks and talents that we love so much in secondary and tertiary characters. So yes, I usually prefer the non-main characters; they’re much more interesting.

  5. I think I’m quite good at picking books where I’ll love/like the main character(s), but yeaah, it certainly happens sometimes. It’s even “worse” when the main character is someone I hoped to connect with. I definitely prefer secondary characters that are REAL too, though. I want all the characters to feel real.

    Btw, Luna Lovegood was my favorite in HP, too. 🙂 Oh, and I also LOVED Finnick and Minho.

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