My First Author Event!

Okay, before you guys go all, Whoa, what happened to your hiatus, Meg? and Blogging doesn’t equal studying, smartass!, I have two perfectly good reasons to pop out of hiding. Nope, I’m not back for good, and nope, I’m not ditching studying (I am). It’s because (a) I went to my first author event yesterday, and (b) Two people were bad influences and made me blog about it… though secretly, I really wanted to blog about it and was waiting for an excuse to, so thanks, Charlotte and Shannelle. 😉

Anyway… yes! I met Lauren Oliver on Friday!

Call me a drama queen, but when I first heard about the news and then woke up the next day, I was all:

Because no authors come to where I live. Like, not even one. I think Lauren was the first YA author. I was squealing so much my lungs hurt afterward, and it was especially unbelievable for me because I absolutely adored her Delirium trilogy. It was amazing seeing her in person!


I didn’t take many pictures because there wasn’t much to take, and the quality is shit (my phone’s camera sucks, honestly), but voila!

The teensy weensy banner of the author event (I tried to take a better picture, but the security guard said pictures weren’t allowed. WHAT.)

The crowd wasn’t that big — probably fifty to sixty people at most — but the bookstore had barely enough space, so any more people and I wouldn’t have gotten a very clear view of the author table.

Lauren speaking on her writing journey.

Basically, the whole event lasted for only an hour (she had to rush off to the next book event after that), so Lauren didn’t get the chance to speak much. But we did get to see the cover for her upcoming adult novel, Rooms, and guys, it looked amazing! I’m not sure which version’s the one on Goodreads, but this one was so simple and elegant at the same time. Plus, the format of the book sounds so different and intriguing! I don’t care if it’s adult. I WANT IT NOW. I wanted to take a picture of that, but she said we weren’t allowed to share it with the rest of the world yet. We also heard a little bit about Vanishing Girls, her latest YA novel due next year, and she’s currently working on a MG series. Yup, no idea how she copes with it! Then again, she said writing is an addiction for her, and if she goes too long without writing, she starts getting anxious. Well, better writing than drugs!

Signing books

Gah, she’s so friendly! While she was signing our books, she’d talk to us and write little messages inside for everyone. But when it came to my turn, my whole body decided to shut down and all I could do was stutter incoherently while my face turned all tomato on me. I was so flustered I forgot that I wanted to take a picture with her, so I had to rush back and apologize to her and to the girl whose books she was signing — with a flaming red face, naturally — before I could get this:

It’s edited. So you can’t see the redness.


So, if Lauren Oliver ever comes to your area, or nearby it, don’t miss out! She’s funny and can fill awkward silences as well as ignore tomato-fied faces. I really love the little message she wrote in my copy of Delirium as well:

I’m sorry, it took up the whole page. I’M JUST SO PROUD OF IT.

Hopefully this means that more YA authors will start coming to this part of the world now!


26 thoughts on “My First Author Event!

  1. Pfffttt, why would they not let you take pictures?!? Party poopers *sideeyes*

    Gah Rooms does sound so good! I love her writing so I think I’m going to love it even before I read it :3 Awww I love that she actually chatted with everyone and wrote little messages! Too sweet!

    Could this possibly be the start of more YA authors coming to SEA? :O i HOPE SO.

    • No idea, but I was mad, for sure! 😡

      I know! I’m not usually into adult books, though I’ve read some good ones, but Rooms is definitely an exception. Heck, I’ll read anything by Lauren Oliver. YES, I KNOW. There was an awkward silence during my turn because I had absolutely no idea what to say, but she filled it up anyway!


  2. That’s so exciting! I haven’t read any of Lauren Oliver’s books but Delirium has been on my TBR for agesss. I’m so happy you had a great time and I’m hoping that more authors visit your country as well so I can see all the fun posts!

    • You’re missing out, Annie! I enjoyed Delirium and Pandemonium, but Requiem wasn’t as good as I expected. :/ Still, the series is worth giving a go. Aw, thanks! I’m sure plenty of authors go to Canada as well — you should make posts of those events, too! 😀

    • Ugh, I know what it feels like. But at least you’re in Europe, you know? You can just drive or take a train (though it’ll be a looooong ride) to London or something, haha. But I hope more authors make it to the Netherlands as well because I know so many book bloggers there! Ahaha, thank youuu! ❤

  3. That’s great that you got to meet one of your favourite authors. To be honest, I’ve never heard of her before but I’ll check for her books the next time that I am in a bookshop.

  4. WOAH WOAH MEG!!! xD YOU’RE BACK!! Even if it’s just for one day 😉
    You’re so lucky to have got to meet Lauren Oliver! 😀 She’s just really talented, it blows my mind xD ANDAND VANISHING GIRLS. OOOOOOOHHHHHH. Sounds good!! 😛 I can’t wait for that too! :3 Anyway let’s hope she visits more places in SEA like *coughcough* Singapore! And let’s hope that more authors will come to SEA too because we love them so much!! 😀
    Thanks for sharing Meg!! <33 And I'm so glad you're back! Even if it's just for one day 😉 BUTBUT. Won't be satisfied with that! All the best for school and make sure you come back in May or June!! 😀 <33 *HUGS*

    • Hehe, don’t worry, Em! June’s just around the corner. Then I’ll be here for a reaaaalllyyy long time. Or at least until my next exam pops up, which won’t be that far away… BUT STILL. I know, I should’ve told her that the next place she should go is SG. My brain was just too starstruck, man. >.<

      Thanks, Emily! LOVE YA. ❤

  5. I was so excited to see your comment on my blog post and then realized OH WAIT, SHE WROTE A BLOG POST! See how much your loved Meg? How your little appearance just makes everyone so happy?! (Though I do have to agree, those new smiley faces on WordPress are just ugly O.o)

    Anyways, so awesome that you went to an author event and had such a great time. I haven’t read any of Lauren Oliver’s works, but she seems so sweet and I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on her books sometime in the future. You should be proud that you went back and got your picture taken with her. I never have the balls for that. It’s probably the one thing I would’ve wished I did when meeting Patrick Ness at my first author event! (Then again, he’s going to be at the YA convention here in a couple of months so maybe I can do it then?!) Definitely worth breaking your hiatus to share the news! You’re so cute (even if you had to edit your red face out 😉 )

    • Just thought I’d take a break from studying to go comment on some of my favorite blogs. 😉 Haha, yes, yes. I love you guys so much, too! Ugh, I know. They’re too childish and they make the comment section look hideous!

      You totally should, Asti! While Requiem (the last book of the Delirium trilogy) was really kind of disappointing, the previous two were good enough that I didn’t hate on the series too much. Well, at least London’s full of touring authors, so you’ll get your chance soon enough! I wasn’t sure if more YA authors would be coming to this part of the world, so I sucked it up and went back. So yes, you should definitely go get your picture taken! Haha, thanks so much! ❤

  6. YAY, MEG!!! I’m so happy you’re back even though it’s temporary and I’m even happier you got to meet Lauren. Hers was the first author event I went too as well and she was super sweet and lovely. I’m so excited about Vanishing Girls- I really adore Lauren’s writing!! And haha totally normal reaction when meeting an author for the first time! Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience with us! You’ve been missed!

    • So glad you got to meet her as well! Yeah, her writing’s so beautiful and lyrical, without going overboard with it, you know? Delirium was actually the first book I bought from TBD, so it has a pretty special place in my heart. 🙂 I’ve been missing the whole blogosphere as well. I can’t wait to come back!

  7. Meeegggg. You’re back (for a day, but still) and you met Lauren Oliver (totally jealous)! It’s a great picture so I’m glad you have no regrets about going back to get it. I just adore Lauren and I’m excited she has so much going on!!

  8. YAY FOR FIRST AUTHOR EVENTS *confetti* But seriously, after Philippines and Malaysia, I can see that there will be more authors coming to Asia! 😀 It’s so good to know that we are not forgotten *happy tears* I enjoyed Delirium though the trilogy went a bit downhill but I’m still looking forward to her future books! She seems like a REALLY productive authors! I mean, after debuting with YA and venturing to MG, now she’s going to publish an adult novel. I appreciate it when authors try to branch out of their comfort zones.

    • HOPEFULLY. Authors must start realizing that there are readers EVERYWHERE, not just in the US and Europe! Yeah, Requiem wasn’t that great, but I found out the reason why she ended it that way during the questioning, so it isn’t that bad. I know; I can’t wait to read her future works!

  9. Lauren Oliver did come to the Philippines before but I didn’t attend (boo me!). But we’re pretty lucky that there are authors coming here. I understand your feeling, I was so starstruck when I first saw Tahereh Mafi and I like you I was stuttering, haha. It was so embarrassing but still memorable. (new follower here xD)

    • But don’t worry, I heard loads of other authors are going, like Jenny Han and Becca Fitzpatrick — I’d love to meet them all too! I hope I didn’t scare Lauren off with my shaky voice and constant nervous laughter. O_O Thank you! I’m following your blog, too. 😀

  10. YAY~!!!!!!! You finally got to go to an author event — and an awesome one! I haven’t gotten to see Lauren Oliver, so of course I’m jealous! I’m so happy for you! 😀

  11. Meg!!! You’re back! *tackles you with hugs* Finals are almost done – you can do it! I’m so glad you got to take a break and get to an author event 😀 Oh and don’t worry about the red-face thing; I’m surprised I can even create words at all when I’m talking to an author. But the more events you go to, the easier it gets 🙂 Hopefully you’ll get some more events in your area soon enough!

    • KAYLA. *hugs* Yup, I’ve got only one more week to go, then — FREEDOM. Well, for a few weeks, at least. xD That’s a relief, haha. I’ve always been afraid of meeting people, and it doesn’t matter if I admire them or what. I hope so too!

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