Insurgent Takeover: Into The Future

What can I say about the one and only Lesley from Books and Beautiful World? Oh, yes: she’s creative, she’s funny, she leaves amazingly thoughtful comments, and she’s full of wit! I think the conversations I have with her on Twitter — though it’s not too many at the moment (we will have to change that!) are some of the funnest because my imagination just goes bonkers when I’m tweeting with her. But enough rambling. Follow this girl. I present to you her guest post!

Into the Future, Or That Post Where I Talk About Bookish Inventions That Need To Happen Soon

Guys, you might not believe this, but I have been contacted by my future self. Yes, this is completely true. My future self was able to call me on the phone and tell me of what amazing bookish things are being invented. I’m not supposed to be telling you this since she warned me that letting anybody know may disrupt the space–time continuum. However, I’m blabbermouth and future!Lesley should know that, so I’m pretty sure that telling you guys wouldn’t affect much. Right?

The bookish inventions that future! Lesley told me about are amazing. Some of them are incredibly helpful and some of them are just awesome things to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ at.

Awesome Bookish Invention #1

Books that clean and fix themselves! I don’t know about you guys, but I am afraid to carry my books out in public because of all the potential damage that could happen to a book. Once, I was able to keep one of my books completely clean for the whole day, only to have a guy accidentally spill chocolate milk over it. It was terrible. But, with this invention that is coming up, us readers won’t have to worry, since books will fix and clean themselves.

Awesome Bookish Invention #2

Animated book covers! Okay, animated book covers do exist in this part of time, sort of. We can look at them on the computer. But imagine being able to look at animated book covers while browsing through bookstore shelves, the library, or your own bookshelf. That would be pretty great, no? And it would make a shelf much more lively!

Awesome Bookish Invention #3

Books that can talk to you! No, I don’t mean audiobooks, I mean regular books that are able to talk to you. Don’t know what to read? Just listen to that one book whose screaming why it is perfect for you. Tired of a certain trope? Listen to that one book who says it doesn’t have it. Talking books can’t lie so having them would be very helpful. Oh, and if you want them to shut up, just tap the cover two times.

Awesome Bookish Invention #4

Books that get thinner by being squeezed! If you’re like me, your shelves are about to burst and you usually have to just set books on random surfaces in your house. Luckily, in the future they will invent books that can easily be squeezed into smaller sizes.

Awesome Bookish Invention #5

Bookish-Memory-Wipers! Regular memory-wipers are banned in the future since they’re so dangerous, but the bookish ones are very safe and helpful to people who want to reread and experience a book they love as if it was their first time reading it. Just press a button, look into that flashing red light, and your memory of that book is wiped out completely! You can also use this to forget books that you wish you’ve never read in the first place ;)

Awesome Bookish Invention #6

Flying books! We all dream of flying cars, flying bikes, and flying pigs. Who says we can’t have flying books.

What I’m telling you is obviously definitely going to be invented since future! Lesley told me so. This definitely isn’t wishful thinking.

Thank you, Meg, for letting me guest post here and I hope you are having a wonderful time over at South Korea!


8 thoughts on “Insurgent Takeover: Into The Future

  1. Books that get thinner would solve a huge problem every bookworm knows, so I’m all for that! And yes to animated book covers, that would be awesome! It reminds me a bit of the moving pictures in Harry Potter 😀 I don’t think I would use the bookish-memory-wipes, because no matter how bad a book was, it was one I’ve read. And I don’t want to take my awesome first experience away by replacing it, but the idea is cool 😀

  2. I love this post, Lesley! You had me chuckling along all the way through. 😀 Personally I would hate an invention that made books thinner. I know it would be practical but I hate how thin books look on a bookshelf; give a thick book any day!

    As for animated covers, yes! I made a similar point in my guest post for Asti. I know we don’t have the technology for fully-animated covers at the moment, but lenticular printing is totally feasible! I wish publishers would jump on that, even if it does cost more to produce.

  3. I love this post! Your ideas are so creative and I agree with everything! Especially animated book covers! I love that one of The Beginning of Everything with the roller coaster and memory wipers would be great for when I reread Harry Potter. I just want to start again from scratch!

  4. Ahhh, what a great post! I want ALL of these things to exist! Well, I don’t know about FLYING books, but all the rest sound awesome. Especially the memory wipers.

  5. These are all so awesome! I would totally LOVE to have all of these. And I am in AWE at the Beginning of Everything book cover, I have it in my room and I never knew that the cover was animated! The memory wipers would definitely be handy and flying books. I can just hold out my hand and a book that wants me to read it (if they can talk they should know what book I should be in the mood for) just flies into my hand! Awesome post! 🙂

  6. LOL, I love this idea and want all those things. Except maybe not the animated covers! I think that would make me dizzy if I saw them all moving on the shelves 🙂 Books that got thinner, yes please! And what about books that when you shout their name just step out of line and into your hands! I spend ages trying to find books on my shelves (yes I know I could alphabetise them but where is the fun in that!). I’d love that memory wiper too. And maybe a memory restorer for the bits I want to remember but can’t. Great post 🙂

  7. Wow, those animated book covers would be amazing… but OMG that girl on Asylum creeps me out still and making her move has taken it to a whole other level of creepiness. If I had that book I’d have to lock it away… *shivers*. I would also love the bookish memory wipers. What I would do to read Harry Potter for the first time again 😛

    What an awesome idea!! Now, hopefully these come true 😀

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