Which YA Heroine Are You?

I’ve always wondered what heroine — or, okay, fine, character — I would be if I were in a YA book. Haven’t you? Well, now’s your chance to find out! I’ve created a short but fairly simple test for all you eager beavers out there to take. Your honesty counts. In order for this to be the most accurate, you have to be honest when answering the questions. I’m hoping to include some of the lesser-known heroines here, but just in case you’re not familiar with them, I’ve also included short descriptions so you can get a bit of information on them.

Welcome to the ultimate test.

1. A kid suddenly appears in your room, claiming to be from the future. Do you…

A: Yeah, right!
B: Ask them to take you to the future
C: Ask them to prove it
D: Rush to get your brother to see this kid from the future

2. You are trapped in a burning room with two other people. One is your mother. The other is your best friend. The only escape is a hole big enough for two people at max, and the house will burn down in mere minutes. What do you do?

A: Save yourself
B: Take your best friend/mother and escape
C: Examine the room; maybe you missed out an escape route
D: Let them escape while you stay behind

3. You are in the Great Hall, one of the many first years waiting to be sorted into their houses. Which house do you think the Sorting Hat would put you in (based on your personality and traits)?

A: Slytherin
B: Gryffindor
C: Ravenclaw
D: Hufflepuff

4. What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

A: Contentment
B: Adventure and fun
C: 42
D: Everyone’s happiness

5. What, in your opinion, is the greatest virtue?

A: Wit
B: Bravery
C: Knowledge
D: Patience

6. You are about to enter the Hunger Games. You manage to snag a backpack from the Cornucopia without getting butchered. The backpack contains only three items. What would you find? 

A: Camouflage suit (can adapt to any kind of surrounding), trap-making kit, small dagger
B: Bow and arrow, balm that can heal most wounds, insulation blanket
C: A bottle of water, a small dagger, insulation blanket
D: Balm that can heal most wounds, a bottle of water, nightlock berries

7. A physics test is tomorrow and you haven’t prepared at all. What do you do?

A: Take a piece of paper to the school bathroom and look for answers there
B: What the hell — how bad can I do, anyway?
C: Pfft! Of course I would have studied beforehand. And even if I didn’t, I’d try to stay up all night to cram knowledge into my brain
D: Study the next morning while on the way to school — a good night’s rest counts!

8. You see someone bullying a helpless kid. Do you…

A: Walk away
B: Teach the jerk a lesson, even if you might get beat up as well
C: Walk away, but make a point to tell the teacher
D: Try to reason with the bully.

Mostly A’s

Your YA heroine is Beatrice Prior, from Divergent. You may seem weak and selfish at first to many, but you’re brave in an entirely different way. Tris is one of the most original heroines out there because she’s selfish, but she isn’t afraid to be who she is. You also have a strong sense of what’s right and wrong, which is what makes you both cunning and independent.

Mostly B’s

Your YA heroine is Mackenzie St. James from The Lost Prince. Kenzie is brave, stubborn, and loyal. The only thing is that people aren’t always sure whether you’re actually being brave, or if you’re being reckless. These traits can be both good and bad: they can save you… or kill you.

 Mostly C’s

Your YA heroine is Annabeth Chase from Percy JacksonSmart, stubborn, bossy — yep, those are the personalities for offspring of Athena. Your keen eye often helps you out of tight spots. But your intelligence might prove to be a setback if you aren’t careful with how you treat other people.

Mostly D’s

Your YA heroine is Allison Sekemoto from The Immortal Rules. You are another brave soul — and also willing to give up much for those you hold dear. Allison isn’t only sacrificial love and patience, though. She’ll also fight her way out of any situation if possible, and will protect those close to her with a fiery passion. You are selfless, but it may ruin you.

Over to you!

So which heroine were you? Please share! Do you agree with my heroine choices? What other heroines do you think would have fit the bill for these four categories?

Tris / Kenzie / Annabeth / Allison

38 thoughts on “Which YA Heroine Are You?

  1. I got all Ds except 2 Cs! Hufflepuffs represent! I haven’t read the immortal rules so I can’t really validate if I truly am like Allison but I accept your judgement. This quiz was so fun, thanks for sharing! 😀

  2. Apparently I’m Annabeth. I haven’t read that series (yet), so I don’t know her, but I don’t think I’m really bossy or that my ‘intelligence’ will be a setback. I have the idea that I don’t treat other people horrible. Stubborn does sound familiar, haha, and I don’t think I’m very stupid, so smart might be right too. I think that the keen eye might be correct as well!

    My answers were C B (this was a hard one! I don’t want to die, so yeah :p) C B C B CC, so I was almost Mackenzie, but I’m not brave at all :p This was fun Meg!

  3. This is so cool! I was just like, “Whew, I’m done with commenting!” but then I saw this post and I knew I couldn’t NOT comment. Because I’ve always wanted to know what character I am. Hopefully it will be someone I’m familiar with 😀

    1. C) I want proof. ASAP.
    2. B) *sigh* If it’s anyone else, I’ll be saving myself, but my mom and my best friend? … I can’t. haha.
    3. A cross between Slytherin and Gryffindor? I’ll go with Gryffindor, so B)!
    4. B) Adventure and fun. Life is boring when people aren’t smiling and laughing.
    5. A) Wit.
    6. B) Seems like it would be very useful. Especially if you know how to use a bow.
    7. B) I AM SO BAD AT PHYSICS! Anything else but physics. God, no.
    8. B) You can’t reason with bullies because they’re idiots.

    HEEEEEEE I’m Mackenzie St. James! And I have no idea who she is 😀

    Note to self: read The Lost Prince as soon as possible!

  4. LOL LOL! Great idea Meg xD
    Strangely enough, I’m a Allison … from the Immortal Rules which I’ve not read yet! :O
    Shocker shocker.
    BUT THIS THINGAMAGIG IS EXCELLENT. And I want my bow and arrow, but wait, I have mine right here! (no, seriously, I do do archery) KEKEKEKE.
    But that was so fun!! And I’ll definitely be picking up The Immortal Rules soon lol! xD
    Fantastic idea, Meg!! ❤

  5. Meg, you are so cute, and so much fun! I love all your quizzes lately!

    So I got mostly C’s, and I realize I don’t know that character at all because I’ve never read that series. And I Don’t really consider myself bossy at all, sooo… Now I am uncertain!

  6. I’m Annabeth! With a hint of Allison Sekemoto. I had mostly C’s and a couple of D’s. I haven’t actually officially met Annabeth yet, but I’m guessing that she’s cool. 😉

    Love this idea, Meg! Thanks for putting together the quiz!


    I read the description for Annabeth and that is kind of not me? Out of the four, I’d Allison is the closet to me? But not really?

  8. Apparently I’m a complete mix! I guess I’m not that stable… Or predictable, lol. I wish I was Tris (although I could never walk away while someone was being bullied) because I like her character a lot in the books. 🙂

  9. I’m Annabeth! But none of these heroines really sound like me… I think I’m more of a nicer, less know-it-all Hermione. Like a cross between Luna and Hermione. Anyway, this was a fun quiz nevertheless! I love things like this and I LOVED your questions! And just because I’m curious, who did you end up getting?

  10. Er… My answers were pretty mixed: 3 Cs, 3 Bs, and 2 Ds. So I guess that I’m a Mackbeth? Lol. I don’t know 😛 But I don’t think that I’d match any of those heroines, really. I’m probably one of those ‘wimpy’ characters that get tougher as time goes on and they get used to everything.

    Great post, Meg! This was so fun and interesting. Who would you be?

  11. I got Beatrice and Allsion both whom I didn’t know, but i don’t know, I don’t think I’m brave at all. XD I got 3 A’s and 3 D’s 2 B’s. This was so much fun I love the random questions made, I really tempted to answer the stupid answer out of them, but you said honesty mattered so..XD I was so confused what to put for the housing in the Great Hall because i haven’t read Harry Potter but I know the gist of it from the movies and so I just picked Gryffindor…>___///3///__~

  12. AAAH this quiz is awesome! I got Annabeth, but as I was going through it, I was convinced it was going to be Hermione (I guess that makes sense too). Love it! I think I was on the verge of getting Allison too, and I wouldn’t have complained about that either. Fab quiz, thanks for sharing!

  13. YAY I love quizzes! Thank you for making me one ❤ Now let's see…

    1. C. I would ask to be taken to the future but what if he lives in a dystopian society and I'd hate it?! No, proof first. HAHA.
    2. C. All of us HAVE to get out.
    3. C. Ravenclaw! Me = Nerd. And I like this house!
    4. C. I don't even know what this has to do with the question but it just spoke to me.
    5. C. Knowledge. That's why I read books, too 🙂
    6. C. I'd need to save myself (water), kill everyone else (dagger) and get some sleep (blankie). Deffo this one.
    7. C. I CANNOT sleep without studying for a test. Physics especially :O
    8. C. I don't wanna get beaten up, but maybe the teacher can help me out!

    …. I am UNQUESTIONABLY Annabeth. Nice!

  14. I answered pretty much all C so that makes me Annabeth Chase from Percy. I was thinking I was going to be Hermione. I’ve never read the Percy Jackson series though so >.>
    But I plan to, so does that count for something?

  15. Here are my answers:

    1. c
    2. c
    3. a
    4. a
    5. b
    6. a
    7. c
    8. b

    I got 3 Cs and 3 Bs. Does this mean that I am a cross between Tris and Annabeth Chase? Hahahah. As for number 3, I seriously want to be in Gryffindor but Pottermore thinks I am a Slytherin so I learned to deal with it. And eventually, I accepted it.

    This is cool! How come Bella Swan or Hermione isn’t here? But no pressure, Meg. xD

  16. I never imagined I’d be Tris, but oh well. As long as I get four, I’m cool. But I do agree with what you described me as. I’m not exactly selfish, but I don’t do selflessness either. And bravery is not my thing.

    What house are you btw? I’m slytherin.

  17. Oh my gosh, I love this test! I got mostly C’s. I love the “42” thing. Lol. In college, one of my production classes saw that video that the answer to life’s question was the number 42. And so when we had to make a short film, we named our production company Group 42 Productions. Good memories 😀

  18. I got mostly C’s, so I’m Annabeth!! I’ve only ever read the 1st book in The Percy Jackson Series, but I want to read more, as although I didn’t really like the 1st book, people have told me that they getter better! Thank you for doing this awesome quiz!

    Rita xx

  19. I got 2 of everything so that makes me a very diverse heroine. I like that more!!! Though I would pick a secret option E for the first question: “F**k off! Ain’t nobody got time for that!” LOL! I can totally see myself saying that! Too bad I didn’t get the HP question, I haven’t read the books and I barely the movie, so I picked Ravenclaw because it sounded aggressive. I had so much fun doing this post! Great job, Meg!

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