I’ve Been Awarded With Liebster!

I’m using my own banner so it fits in with my theme. For the actual one, I’ve attached it below!

I was actually nominated about a month ago by two very lovely people: Kayla from The Thousand Lives and Charlotte from Booklahoma, but I couldn’t find a slot in my schedule to stick this post in anywhere, so here it is. A month late. And during that waiting time, I got nominated again by the wonderful Lesley from Books and Beautiful World! Aw, you guys. Thank you. ❤

Because I can’t possibly answer all the questions, I’ll just select three from both Kayla and Lesley, since they have the same questions, and the remaining four from Charlotte.

1. You must choose three things to take to a deserted island: what would you take?

I hate these kinds of questions, because I know I’m an incredibly indecisive person. Fine! Um, I’d bring a laptop that never runs out of battery, my entire set of HP books, and wifi. Obviously I don’t really have good priorities. I can use the shrubbery around to cover myself up if it gets cold.

2. What is your favorite song?

All the songs in my iTunes library are well loved and my favorites, so I DON’T HAVE ONE. But if I really had to choose, I guess I’d pick Tennis Court by Lorde. She’s getting really popular now with her song Royals, but personally, I prefer Tennis Court better. Though, hell, both are amazing. And she’s my age — sixteen! I feel so unaccomplished, haha.

3. Who is your best friend? What is he/she like?

I’m actually have two best friends, and to keep their identities safe — they’re so awesome everyone in the world would want to be their friend — I won’t reveal their names. One of them’s always there whenever I need someone to fangirl with over hot actors, and I can always trust her to brighten up my day if it gets gloomy. She’s full of laughter and always bubbly (unless she’s sleepy), and we kind of have a strange mental connection. Like, we’d say the same things at the same time in response to someone and then everyone would stare at us weirdly. The other one just gets me. He gives so much to people and receives a lot of love in return. He’s just… an amazing person, fun to have around, and one you can trust to unawkwardify any awkward situation. (That should totally be made into a word.) He’s also always there whenever I need a shoulder to lean on, or an ear to cry into.

These aren’t very accurate descriptions of them both, but it’s the best way I can write of them. ❤

4. Why did you start blogging?

My very cliche, very boring answer would be: to share my love and passion for books. That’s still true even today, but blogging has evolved into something more for me. It’s become a kind of haven —  a place that’s sure to make me happy, a place I hope I will never tire of. And I’ve also discovered a whole new world here, where people are awesome, amazing, and best of all, they get me. They’re willing to listen to me bitch or rave about something in a poorly-written review. And they’re willing to stick out through insanely long discussion posts.

This place I’m talking about is Goodreads. LOL! Did I trick you? I didn’t?! Aw. 😦 But no, this world I speak about is the online book community. You guys. Seriously. No words will be able to describe how amazing you guys are.

5. When is your birthday?

September 3, 1997!

6. If you could live in the setting of one novel, which one would you choose?

HOGWARTS. That is all. 

7. What’s your favorite book of 2013 so far?

HMM. This is tough, but I think I’ll go with Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo. Hard to believe that I only read this at the beginning of the year — it feels like a lifetime ago! But anyway, if you haven’t yet read it, I suggest you do. Now!

8. If you could shapeshift into any animal, what would you be?

A raven. They’re intelligent creatures, beautiful, and can flyyyyyy.

9. If you were in a book or film, do you think you’d be the bad guy or the good guy?

Honestly, I think I’d be the innocent bystander who either gets killed in all the action, or gets saved by the superhero. I don’t know. I think I’d pick the baddie, because I’m curious to see what it would be like to be evil. Also, if I was the baddie, the good guy would’ve died ages ago, and everyone would be under my rule. MWAHAHAHAHA.

10. Would you rather live in the country or city?

City. As much as the country sounds good and clean and fresh, I’d prefer to live in a high-tech place with monorails and Hyperloops and tall skyscrapers with glass, metal, gray cement everywhere. And also be close to wifi, of course. Also, the countryside has more wildlife, and wildlife = insects, and me + insects… we don’t really mix well. (Okay, fine, I’m super scared of them, okay?)

Over to you!

Hope you enjoyed my post today! Do you agree with any of my answers? No? Well, agree to disagree. And it’s time for the bloggers I want to nominate. Here they are:

  • Shelly @ Shelly’s Rambles: if you don’t know who she is, go check out her blog right now! She’s a bubbly, absolutely sweet person, and totally crazy to email with.
  • Charlotte @ Thoughts and Pensshe comes up with the most thought-provoking discussion posts ever. Like, she’d write on a topic I would’ve never, for the life of me, considered until I read her post. And not forgetting her ultra long, ultra thoughtful comments! So yes, if that isn’t enough, then there’s seriously something wrong with your brain.
  • Charlotte @ Gypsy ReviewsThis girl. She has mad designing skills, cool discussion topics as well (sounds like all Charlottes have an eye for awesome discussion posts, huh?), and is such a fun person to chat with. Plus, she loves Hans Zimmer! That’s all that matters. Mwahaha, no. But if you haven’t visited her blog before, please do!
  • Ariel @ In ItalicsI only stumbled across her blog last month, but much like Charlotte, she comes up with some pretty cool discussions, called Bold Discussions — which totally fits in with her blog name!


12 thoughts on “I’ve Been Awarded With Liebster!

  1. LORDE <3333 I am so in love with her new album, Pure Heroine, been listening to it constantly. Her voice is just amazing and yes she makes me feel so unaccomplished too haha.

    jaksdjalsjdlakjsd you're too sweet Meg <3333 and Friends gif is so appropriate, suddenly itching for a rewatch 😛

  2. Congratz, Meg! 😀 Your banner is really cool 😛

    I am actually listening to Royal right now and it’s pretty good, I will have to check out Tennis Court some time! I’m not sure what make me like her voice but it’s probably because it sounds…soft and innocent like a lullaby? Reminds me a bit of Lana Del Rey somehoew…

    And I read Shadow and Bone a few months ago and heck it was AWESOME ❤ I'm looking forward to reading the second book! The Grisha concept is really unique and it kinda reminds me of my favorite anime Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood — well, just a bit ;P

    I am totally a city person too! I guess I just can't live without malls and technology and internet obviously! And in my country English bookstores are only in big cities so there's no way I am moving to countryside hehe

    I love Gypsy Reviews and In Italics! Have never heard of the other two but I'll be sure to check them out 😀

  3. I remember getting a Liebster award when I started out-I think it’s such a sweet gesture! Congrats! 🙂
    “shrubbery around to cover myself up if it gets cold” – LOL! The descriptions of your best friends made me go all “Awwwww”.
    And ditto to the ‘bad/good guy’ question I probably would be a bystander too-Not heroic enough to swoop in and save the day nor evil enough to take over the world! 😛

    Also Chandler and Joey <333333

  4. Yes! I prefer Tennis Court too, though I do also like Royals. And I’m so glad Shadow and Bone is your favourite book of 2013! I read it last year, but it was definitely one of my favourites of 2012. I want to say that I’d prefer to live in the country, but I know I’d probably miss city life eventually. 😉

  5. AWW MEG, SO SWEET OF YOU TO NOMINATE ME! I didn’t know I was THAT crazy to email with!! I basically agree with all your answers. HOGWARTS WOO! And we share the same birth year, awesomenss x100000! Lorde is amazing, I love her song called “Team”, so good! Ok I will do this for tomorrow <333

  6. You are the future of our generation. Laptop that doesn’t run out of battery – why didn’t I think of that??

    Hogwarts. Amen sister!

    I just read Shadow and Bone too, but it’s SO GOOD!!! Ugh and Ruin and Rising isn’t even until the middle of next year… *gross sobbing*

  7. Wohooo!! Hogwarts FTW. I have too many settings and books to choose form, and honestly, Hogwarts can be quite dangerous and confusing, but meh.. I’ll take it!

    I think in a movie, I’ll be the conflicted guy who doesn’t really know where they stand. Or the guy that doesn’t give a crap about anything going in.

    I don’t think I’ll be in a movie that way.

  8. Oh my god, I LOVE Tennis Court too. And I totally agree with you – I like it better than Royals. And yes to Hogwarts and living in the city. While the country is gorgeous, I could not cope with everything being like ten kilometers away.

    And congrats on your Liebster! You deserve it, Meg! 😀

  9. Well, at least your Deserted Island Plan is doesn’t have any holes. I couldn’t find anywhere to plug in my fridge O_o Also, you could always contact help using the computer! And awww, Tennis Court is a great song!

    Your best friends sounds so awesome. *whispers* Are they mermaids too? I think that lots of bloggers went into book blogging because of the same reasons you had, and then stayed and kept blogging because of the awesome community, just like you (and me).

    And darn. I missed your birthday by about ten days >_< I started blogging on September 12th, I think. Uh, HAPPY SUPER-BELATED BIRTHDAY! I would also choose Hogwarts, because it is pretty safe for people who aren't main characters 😛

    I don't doubt that you would be an epic villain. However, would you be more epic than me. *gets bazookas ready* I declare war!

  10. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am so sorry I am late to this party, but seriously, this is so kind and thoughtful. *HUGS*

    Confession: I have been nominated a few times before, but like you, just haven’t had the time to really post about it. I promise though, that I will think of something clever as a way of saying thanks to everyone. And of course I will check out all of the other fantastic bloggers you have nominated.

    A big yes to all of your answers! Except Hogwarts. *whispers* As you may or may not know, I haven’t really read the HP series. Don’t hate me.

    We have practically the same birthday, except mine is on the 9th!

    This has made my day. THANK YOU!

  11. Meg, what have I done to you to make me blush so much? If there’s a post that makes me feel giddy, this is it. Bwahahaahahah! Anyway, serious tone now, may I know what the Liebster award is? Sorry if I sound like a derp but I really don’t know what it is. Hahaha. BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!.

    And now, let’s move on to your answers. Lalalalalalala…

    1. You must choose three things to take to a deserted island: what would you take?- And I thought you have already learned from our heroines right now. I’ve read that you don’t like insects so if you’re going to attire yourself with leaves and other shrubbery stuff, I’m pretty sure that they’ll be teeming with insects and they’re gonna tickle your body with their multiple, pincery, hairy legs whatever. Think about that. Nyahahaha.

    2.What is your favorite song?- Ahm…I don’t know this Lorde girl. My knowledge about music only extends to the fact that they have lots of boy bands. But on the rare occasion that I listen to them, I’d certainly pick Avril L, Boyz 2 Men, NSync, The Calling, Creed, etc. Sorry if I am so lame. -_- You can bet that my laptop and my phone doesn’t have any music in it. It irks both my brother and sister who are both music lovers.

    3.Who is your best friend? What is he/she like?- I’d be surprised if you don’t have bestfriends, Meg. You are so sweet that everyone wants to be your bestfriend. We may not know each other for long but I know you’re such a loveable person IRL. Weee! Your two bestfriends are also lucky to have you.

    4. Why did you start blogging?- Thanks, Meg. I hope you will not get tired of us. 😀 But don’t you love GR? It’s the nerdy version of showbiz. Hahahah.

    5. When is your birthday?- My paranoia is kicking up again. Huhuhu. I am 12 years older than you. Argh! And belated Happy Birthday. I didn’t know that it’s your birthday. September 3 is a memorable date for me because it’s also the natal day of one of my closest friends. And also, her daughter who is my goddaughter shares the same b-date too. The world is so small.

    6.. If you could live in the setting of one novel, which one would you choose?- AGREE! And I want to settle myself in the Grimmauld’s place. Hey, do you ever wonder where Harry Potter and his family lived 19 years later? I’ve searched the net but I haven’t found any clear answers. It could be Grimmauld’s but Harry is pretty freaked out with the heads of the House Elves so I am doubtful.

    7. What’s your favorite book of 2013 so far?- I just finished reading Shadow and Bone and I didn’t love it as much as you guys did. I think something’s wrong with my heart or brain. Huhuhuh. I will not tell you my 2013 favorite book because I have to make a post for this one too. 😀

    8. If you could shapeshift into any animal, what would you be?- I love the plummage of the ravens but they totally creep me out.

    9. If you were in a book or film, do you think you’d be the bad guy or the good guy? I want you to be the villain so I can apply as one of your minions. If you ever decide to be one, you know where to contact me. And hey, I love costumes and mottos so you might want to look into those.

    10. Would you rather live in the country or city?- But there would still be insects in the city, Meg. And because the city is already modernized, the insects will also mutate to keep up with the change. Bwahahaha. They will mutate into gruesome beasts.

    Ps. Sorry for this ultra late reply but you know, books and life always get in the way. *hangs head in shame*

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