Sci-Fi Saturday: Fictional Inventions I Wish Were True

Have you seen movies or read books where there were these awesome futuristic inventions? Especially those high-tech superhero shows (*cough*The Avengers*cough*) where they have these fancy computers you don’t even need to touch in order to interact with? Well, I’m here to put you in more misery that you weren’t born in the future as I list down more things I wish were real. You can thank me later. *wink*

1. Hologram Things!

Sorry for that pathetic title. I just can’t think of something better! But what I’m talking about is a scene from Iron Man 3 — have you watched it? It’s where Aldrich Killian attaches a strange device to the back of his ear and rolls three metallic balls onto the table. From those tiny balls, a beautiful holographic image of his brain appears. Looky:

What’s the use of it, you say? Well… I’m not entirely sure of that either. Maybe it’ll help in surgeries, so doctors can magnify and interact with the inside of the patient’s body before actually performing the operation. Or it could just be for display in your room. You know, having your humongous brain in the corner. Might be nice to remind yourself that you really are smart, after all. 😉

There’s also another holographic scene in the show, where Tony Stark tries to find out more about the bombing at the Chinese Theater.

Imagine how useful this would be for the police force! They wouldn’t need to go investigate the area, and furthermore, they have an intelligent computer helping them figure things out and search for clues. It’s brilliant. I think this would be pretty cool for architects as well, to observe the landscape without needing to leave the comfort of their offices.

2. Air and spacecraft

This is taken from the movie Oblivion. Currently, we only have rockets that can fly into space, and airplanes that can fly within our atmosphere. But this sweet baby over here can fly in both space AND our atmosphere! It’d be extremely useful for one-man flights, and I bet a whole lot cheaper to maintain. Plus, doesn’t it look sleek?! Imagine how kickass anyone would look, riding in it!

3. Ze Transporter

You guys. This is basically what my book blog centers around: Star Trek. So if you don’t recognize that picture… then I will please insist that you go and buy the recent films and also watch the TV series (even though I haven’t for the latter). Meet the Transporter. Here’s what Wikipedia says about it so much better than I will be able to: “Transporters convert a person or object into an energy pattern (a process called dematerialization), then “beam” it to a target, where it is reconverted into matter (rematerialization). The term transporter accident is a catch-all term for when a person or object does not rematerialize correctly.” Yep.

4. Cancer-healing machines

Taken from the film Elysium, these machines far surpass any of the modern technologies we have right now. They are able to reconstruct faces, detect cancer cells in your body, and then remove them. Just think of the number of lives that’ll be saved if this existed. (Sorry if the picture’s a bit blurry — you should watch the Elysium trailer for a better idea of how the machine works!)

5. Neuralizer

This would be so handy. I’m the kind of person who knows how to behave around books, but around real people? Um… not so much. That’s why the Nerualizer, from Men in Black, would be SO helpful. I could erase all and any memories in which I’d said or did something awkward! I’ll only just have to remember to put on mah shades. SWAG.

6. The Cloak of Invisibility

Now, I know this isn’t technically “sci-fi,” so a “camouflage cloak” would probably be more sensible, but this has to be one of my favorite fictional inventions of all time. Never mind that the cloak often only served to aid Harry and Ron in their troublemaking, and never mind that it’s part of the Death Hallows. The only problem is that if this cloak fell into the wrong hands… the world would be plunged into chaos.

Over to you!

These are only just a few inventions I’ve listed down, but I want to know what YOU think! What fictional inventions do you wish existed? Why? Sound off in the comments below. 🙂


21 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Saturday: Fictional Inventions I Wish Were True

  1. All of these are excellent choices! I wasn’t crazy about Oblivion but it was really gorgeous to look at and I’d really love to have one of those ‘floating’ swimming pools!

  2. Invisibility Cloak and Transporter all the way! We seriously need a transporter, then people who live all around the world with major time differences *cough cough us* can visit each other. It can also give people a chance to spend more time with people they love (because of taking out the need to drive). But I think if we had transporters, we’d all be so LAZY and overweight because we’d barely need to move. Interesting to think about, huh? Do I even need to explain myself when I say that I would want an invisibility cloak? Amazing post 🙂

  3. Awww, great post, Meg!

    1. If holograms were real, I would explode from happiness. They can be fun to use and also helpful, too!
    2. YES! Especially if the air/spacecraft looks like the on in Oblivion. It’s just so pretty to look at and probably easier to maintain.
    3. Hmmm. I’m a little iffy about this one since the transporter technically kills you and brings you back to life.
    4. This could save so many lives. It definitely needs to be invented at some point.
    5. Haha, THIS would be the invention I would always carry. Embarrass myself? NEURALIZER! Lose an argument? NEURLIZER! Want to forget something that happened? NEURALIZER!
    6. I would love for this to be invented. As long as it didn’t get into the wrong hands. If it does, we could all say goodbye to feeling safe.

  4. 1. Holograms would be so helpful! Especially for the things you’ve mentioned. It would be great to see the inside of a patient and wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could bleep a code from a book and see a hologram of the world? Like.. a holographic map instead of only a drawing at the beginning. Or perhaps a hologram of the characters! Holy crap 😀 HELLO DARKLING and sturmhond and.. and.., haha.

    3. Transporter. How nice would it be to traffic like that? *ZAP* In Australia. *ZAP* to school. Hell yeah.

    4. Best. Thing. Ever. Would be great if they could invent something for other deceases as well.

    6. I’d always wanted such a cloak when teachers had meetings. Would be great to see what they actually say about you.

  5. I’m totally down for a transporter.
    Also, cars that drive themselves would make for more pleasant road trips, and less road rage.
    Some kind of meal creater, where you selected an option and a perfectly made meal comes out would be great too.

  6. You have changed the design! Looks so good! :))
    Now for the post I’d go for cancer healing machine right away! Also The Cloak of Invisibility. I’d sneak into some bookstores or libraries and enjoy all day long! 🙂
    Great post girl 🙂

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  8. Also found in Star Trek, I want to see a replicator (think 3D printer but much more sophisticated) and a medical tricorder, which can diagnose a person’s medical problems. How handy would that be?!

  9. Lalalalala. This is one post that I REALLY REALLY LOVE. It’s not just because it’s geeky scientific stuff but I can totally relate with a lot of the things you mentioned here. Bwahahaha, Take for example the “Hologram Things.” How would you feel if we can interact with other bloggers just by using the hologram? My fingers would no longer ache typing comments because my hologram can just directly deliver to you my views about your posts. Hahaha.

    And I miss Tony Stark, his arrogance and sarcasm. x_x This reminds me that the second Thor movie is already fast approaching.

    What a shame that I didn’t get to watch Oblivion. I got busy in and outside of the office when it was being shown here. And our rental movie house doesn’t have it yet. But that vessel really looked awesome.

    And please don’t chastise me about Star Trek. I haven’t watched the movies and I really didn’t consider watching any of it. I don’t know. Maybe my attention was more focused on HP, LOTR, The Avengers. The Dark Knight, Superman and all those superhero movies.

    As for Elysium, I have some conflicting feelings about it. At some point, I love it. And then, I also have moments that I hated it. One thing’s for sure though, the Cancer healing machine was awesome. If only,it was able to save Matt Damon’s life at the end then I would have been happy.

    Would you believe that I am a Will Smith fan but haven’t got the time to watch any of his MIB movies? That Neuralizer thing is pretty new to me. But I love what it can do. I have a lot of blooper moments in my life that I certainly want to erase them from the memories of my family, friends and acquaintances.

    And lastly, yay to HP. Why do you have to open an old wound? I am now feeling that familiar ache again when HP ended. Argh. I may have to re-read book 1 today. That GIF… they were so young… Don’t go there, Charlotte. Don’t go there…

    Sorry for this competitive comment. Hahaha. 😀

  10. The Transporter!!! But I also find it a little scary…the transporter accident. What if you don’t rematerialize properly. What if you get lost in transmission. Or what if someone transported you against your will like Carol in Into the Darkness. And imagine if someone hacked into such systems…a lot of home invasions could happen. So I’ll stick with a greener and efficient futuristic land or space vehicle.

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  12. 1. I am always so jealous of films when they have holograms! I’m like — why can’t that be in real life, you know? This should be a feature on EVERY computer.

    2. Oblivion was sooo pretty. I wouldn’t be able to stomach living up in the air though. I have a fear of heights big time.

    4. This would be just too awesome. I wonder if plastic surgery is going to be like that in the future. Just sit in a tube and watch your body transform into something else. That’s kind of scary actually.

    6. Um, yes. I would get into so much trouble with the invisibility cloak. But I wouldn’t want other people to have it. Because that would be creepy if someone started stalking you or something… maybe that shouldn’t be an invention then lol.

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