Infiltrate. Overthrow. Takeover.

The U.S.S. Quirinus is my pride and joy.

But that is why the captain is retiring for a week, and allowing her deceitful second-in-commands to bring forth their plan of overthrowing her. That’s right: I’m giving YOU the opportunity to takeover the blog for a week, starting on November 10 — 15! But why?

Well, during that week, I’ll be going to South Korea for a short vacation with my grandma (and some of her friends), and I don’t think I’ll have much time to access the internet from there — and it would be kind of rude, since we’re sharing rooms — so I have no choice but to leave my beloved ship into your obviously capable hands, in order to keep it up and running!

Basically, what I’m looking for are guest posts from anyone willing to contribute. They can be anything: book reviews, discussion posts, your own invention, etc. All I require is that it be something bookish-related. That’s all.

I hope you’ll be able to help me out here! If you’d like to send me a guest post, please email me at dearmegan at outlook dot com. The closing date (yes, there’ll have to be one) will be November 2, a Saturday. This will hopefully give me enough time to compile everything together. So that’s all, and thanks so much for reading!

Will you rise up to the challenge?

21 thoughts on “Infiltrate. Overthrow. Takeover.

  1. Ooh, fun! I’d love to contribute, if I have the time. Feel free to pester me on twitter until I send you my guest post (after I get back from Ireland next week)!

  2. Totally going to write one! I’m leaning towards a discussion post, maybe some sort of rant/ramble (my blog isn’t called Shelly’s Rambles for no reason!) 🙂

  3. Ooh, guest posts! I want to write one 😀 Well, first I need to think of something to write– that will probably take a couple of days >_< And you're going to South Korea! You absolutely must tell about your trip when you come back 😀 I always imagine South Korea as a really busy, exciting, and flashy place for some reason… I guess that's because of all the K-pop.

    Anyways. I can't wait for the guest post and hopefully I will write one too!

    • Take your time! You have at least another two weeks. 😀 And I will, though hopefully I’ll remember to take pictures. I have a bad habit of absorbing all scenery with my eyes ONLY, lol. It’s supposed to be quite technologically advanced as well!

      Looking forward to it!

  4. I might, I’m already busy with Finding Bliss/Fright and my own blog and I’m moving houses AND going on holidays soon so yeah. Oh and moving schools. Fun. 😛 I look forward to the posts though!

    I will spread the word on my Midnight Madness newsletter! <33

    • Ooh, Melanie, sounds like you’ve really got a loadful right now! You are by no means obligated to write anything — so it’s totally cool if you don’t contribute. But thanks all the same, it’s the thought that counts! ❤

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