Grab That Shoe! [September’s Portkey]

Welcome to September’s recap! I was thinking of doing a vlog, but then decided that my computer’s webcam was way too blurry for that, so here I am, typing things out the old way. I’m kidding. Typing will never get old! My monthly recaps are going to be a little bit of this and that — I’ll be sharing about what happened in my life, movies I’m looking forward to, plus some of the things I’ve been watching/listening on YouTube.

So grab that shoe and make sure you hold on tight!

In the Megverse

Yes. I named a universe after myself. Now BOW DOWN TO ME. Or I’ll slice you in half with a light saber.

If you’ve been following my Warp Drive Sundays for the past month, you would’ve noticed a lot of ranting about how my life is basically being ruled by school. Overall, though, September has been an extremely busy and tiring month for me, because — ASIAN PARENTS!

I have to admit that my parents aren’t that bad, because they still allow me to take naps in the afternoon (though that’s really non negotiable, since I can’t function without naps), and they don’t force me to join any extra curricular activities I don’t want to join (only because I’d put up a bitch of a fight about it and skulk — yes, I’m that immature), but still. It’d be nice not to have them up my ass every time I’m downstairs and on my computer. Everything you’ve heard about Asian parents? It’s true.

On a brighter note, I’ve finally decided on what I want to study, and where! Everyone’s expecting me to choose a course that’s got something to do with words, like journalism, and while I did want to study journalism once, looking at my current analyzing skills for my English lit class, I’m forced to see that I am NOT good at writing between the lines. And I have absolutely no interest in news reporting, other than being able to travel around the world. So I’ve decided on a degree in architecture, because I love designing, and I’ve always wanted to build beautiful buildings with spunky designs. It’s a bit better now that I’ve got a goal. The only problem is getting a scholarship… which is doable, but very hard. Alas. The woes of being ambitious.

Also, I’m really looking forward to Horror October and Sci-Fi November! Are any of you participating? If so, I’m looking forward to what you have planned!

New On My Shelf

The Drowned ForestWaterfell (The Aquarathi, #1)The Iron Traitor (The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten, #2)The RithmatistPoison DanceThe Call of the WildValkyrie Rising (Valkyrie, #1)Ultraviolet (Ultraviolet, #1)In the Shadow of Blackbirds

The Drowned Forest by Kristopher Reisz
Waterfell by Amalie Howard
The Iron Traitor by Julie Kagawa
The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson
Poison Dance by Livia Blacburne
The Call of the Wild by Jack London
Valkyrie Rising by Ingrid Paulson
Ultraviolet by R.J. Anderson
In the Shadow of Blackbirds by Cat Winters
Quoth the Raven by Memlea J. Macbink (this is actually a book my best friend wrote and got published after she won NaNoWriMo. She sent me a copy!)

Huge thanks to Flux Books, HarlequinTEEN, my friends, Livia Blackburne, and my sister

Hyped Up For Movies

After having read and loved Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, I’m really excited to see how it’ll transfer to the big screen. I know that there’s been a lot of protest surrounding this movie about Card’s strong belief against gay people, and while I don’t agree with his mindset, I think everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, so there’s no reason for me to skip out on a show just because of that. As for Gravity, I’m a science-fiction chick, so what do you expect?!

Thor is a hard one. I wasn’t a fan of the first show at all, but I have to admit that the prospect of seeing Loki again (TOM HIDDLESTON <3) is enough for me to want to go watch it. Plus, I’ve never missed out on a Marvel movie before. 😉 While I haven’t read Carrie yet, the trailer really pulled me in, and THAT POSTER. Gotta love how simple but bone chilling it is!

Fingers crossed that all these movies will live up to the hype!

YouTube Excavations

Have you guys heard of Paloma Faith? She’s a British singer who has WAY too little recognition. I only just discovered her this month, and have been totally hooked on her songs. But here’s my favorite:

WHAT DO YOU THINK?! Catchy, no? I also love the whole vintage theme she has going on around. Her other songs are great, too, but New York is by far my favorite.

I’m subscribed to Anna Akana, a vlogger, and she posted this very touching video about suicide. I think this is something everyone should watch, and I think it’s more effective than suicide hotlines and anything like that. There’s quite a bit of swearing, though, so if you’re uncomfortable with that…

Heartbreaking, touching, but all too true. I have no idea how I’d be able to cope if someone I knew killed themselves.


How was your September?


20 thoughts on “Grab That Shoe! [September’s Portkey]

  1. EH my mom is too! I only opened my laptop for a while and she scolded me as if I’d been using it for hours. Asian parents ><

    My September isn't too different with you. I got exams and loads of assignments and two weeks after my mid term exams, I will have another week-long tests .__. I think I'm good with most of the subjects, except physic. And maybe a little math and chemistry. Ugh…I will have to take extra classes outside school or else my grades will be falling hard. T_T which means my free time will be cut for a few hours…

    Wait wait what's Horror October and Sci-fi November?? xD Your special events??

    • My mom doesn’t do that, but whenever I open my laptop, she gives me this disappointed look, which is LOADS worse! 😦

      Good luck with your school and exams, Kezia! Don’t stress out too much, though I know that’s easier said than done. But anyone who reads tons of books is bound to do well, right? 😉 OH MY GOSH. PHYSICS. That’s my worst subject, but I’m trying to improve because I need physics in order to study architecture.

      Horror October is hosted by Leanne @ Literary Excursion, and it’s for Halloween! Sci-Fi November is hosted by Rinn @ Rinn Reads, and it’s basically where everyone goes all science geeky. 😉 Horror October is closed now, but Sci-Fi Nov is still open for signups, I think!

  2. My September was basically all schools and extracurriculars. I’m more excited for October (because my birthday,duh!) so I can’t say that my September was all rainbows and sunshine. Also, how have I never heard of Horror October?!? Well, I’ll be happy to read your posts because Horror is not my favourite genre. Sci-fi November sounds awesome & I’m excited for it and it’s still September (this is not OK). I totally understand what you’re going through with your parents (I don’t have Asian parents but I think I can totally relate)! Good luck with all your school & I can’t wait to see what you have in store for Horror October! 🙂

    • September was my birthday month and it definitely wasn’t rainbows and sunshine. I’m hoping the rest of the year will be A BIT better as I try to balance my life schedule. Rest assured that my posts won’t be creepy. I’m aiming more for scary humor. 😉

      Thanks, Shelly! All the best with you, too!

  3. I’m out of school — and I have to say that the real world is not that much better! But I’m so excited for your new path. Journalism definitely isn’t for everyone, and architecture sounds sweet! Your books — I cannot wait to hear what you think about Waterfell and The Iron Traitor!! So many great ones, Meg! And movies, oh my gosh, there are so many good ones coming out. Can’t wait for Carrie. And I agree one-hundred percent about your thoughts on Ender’s Game. I’ll still be seeing it too. Gravity looks freakin’ intense. Gotta love space!

    • Well, at least you don’t have to worry about the stress of tests and exams! But here’s me hoping that the real world will be a bit less restraining than school is. I’m incredibly excited as well! I’ll be reading them soon, hopefully, and I have to admit that I’m really intrigued to see what there is to show about floating in space for 90+ minutes. Space can be cruel, but it can be so fascinating, that’s for sure. 🙂

  4. I’ve always thought architecture was interesting, but I’ve heard it is very challenging to study, so best of luck! I haven’t seen that cover image for The Rithmatist before, but I like it! I can’t wait for you to read that book, because it was one of my favorites so far this year! 😀

    I wish I could watch those videos right now, but I can’t. Hopefully I will remember to come back and check them later!

    • Well, I’m relying on my love for design to help me out! 🙂 But thanks all the same, Kelley. And yep — my friend lent me that book after he said that I HAD to read it, because it was like HP, so how could I resist? Fingers crossed I’ll enjoy it, too!

  5. Ooh architecture! When I was an itty bitty kid I used to dream of being an architect. My dad worked making like sinks and stuff, so I would take the giant foam blocks they would put them in and build igloos and other buildings out of them, haha. I eventually decided I wasn’t smart enough for it or something. I guess I’ll just have to let lil Asti live through you!

    Megverseeeeeee. ❤

    • I never had any experience with architecture — unless you count Minecraft — but I have a passion for design, so I’m hoping that that will be enough. Oh, and I have an aunt and uncle in the industry, too, so they might be able to help out once in a while.

      So good to have you back, hon! ❤

  6. *bows down* I swear that I am not thinking up a plan to overthrow you and take your place. Pinkie swear.

    School has been pretty busy for me, too. Although, I haven’t been getting as much homework as I used to lately. So. I *do* sort of wish that my parents were a little more strict since, uh, it takes a lot for me to get off my butt and actually do work >_< I'm truly an amazing procrastinator.

    I saw a commercial for Gravity and had no idea about what the movie was going to be about. I saw a person get separated from their ship and sucked into space (or at least, I think that's what happened) and that was all I got… I'm guessing it's about the person floating through space? I DON'T KNOW!

    Anna's video is so touching. I cried.

    • LOL. I am pleased with you, Lesley. Here, have a cookie.

      Oh, lucky you! My workload was pretty light at the beginning of the year, but now I’m taking more subjects to open more opportunities. I don’t regret any of that, of course, but sometimes I wish I could relax a little. No time, though. 😦 You’re not alone there. I’d probably beat you at the procrastination part.

      It’s about a pair of astronauts who are flung into space when their ship is hit by an asteroid or something — I can really remember the details right now, but basically, it’s supposed to be pretty intense. You have to admit it looks awesome, though. 😉

      I know. 😦

  7. Ooh, yes a vlog!! You should totally do one sometime! Sorry to hear about the parent pressure. But architecture is mad cool!! I could see you being good at that if your designs were anything like your blog designs! I just finished Call of the Wild, by the way! It was powerful; I really loved it. I still need to read Ender’s Game (and The Book Thief…) before the movie comes out though. We’ll see if that actually happens. Thanks for sharing a piece of the Megverse with us, heehee!

    • I plan to! Uh… as soon as I get a new computer with a better webcam. Which might not be in forever. 😦 Aw, thanks, Aylee! That’s really encouraging. Ooh, I wasn’t planning on reading that one that soon, but you have me intrigued. And WHEW, I thought I was the only one who hadn’t read it yet. Good to know I’m not alone. 😛 Thank YOU for being so lovely!

  8. In the Shadow of Blackbirds by Cat Winters is one of the best books I’ve read this year. I hope you enjoy it. Architecture sounds like a great degree. I’m really looking forward to Carrie — it looks like a good reboot. I also can’t wait for more Tom Hiddleton. I don’t even care about Marvel or Thor or any of that stuff — Loki’s sexy. Ender’s Game is iffy for me. The author is such a raging ass that I don’t know if I want to see something he took part in. And Gravity defies logic for me. WHAT IS IT ABOUT?! I have no idea. No idea.

    I hope school work lightens up for you 🙂

    • Everyone’s been raving about it, so I have high expectations. Plus, pictures in books = win! Thanks, Kim, I only hope I’ll be able to use that degree to find a good job. Otherwise I’d feel so disappointed. LOL. I love Marvel, but I don’t care much for Thor — my heart will always be with Iron Man — but yes. TOM. Sexy as a muffin. Yeah, I don’t agree with his behavior either, but I’m still REALLY curious in how this book-to-movie adaption is going to be like. I already don’t approve of the actor for Ender. He’s too old, and his voice is too deep.

      But you have to admit that it looks pretty darn cool. 😉

      Thanks, Kim!

  9. Oh I love your posts!!! LOL for your parents. I honestly always wondered about Asian parents being that hard about the school thing. I was always a nerd and my parents went to see my teacher like once a year. figures. I’m glad to hear that about architecture. It’s really lovely career and I have no doubts you’re talented for that. I’ll stick with words though. I have like NO TALENT for any kind of drawing. xD
    For you haul I hope you’ll enjoy The Iron Traitor! I loved it 🙂 I need to read In the Shadow of Blackbirds though 🙂 Great haul girl.
    Good luck at school 🙂

    • Aw, thanks, Tanja! Haha, though mine really aren’t as bad as some are. I’m grateful that they don’t make me work twenty-four seven, and that they don’t try to pile too much pressure on me to do well. I’m hoping that architecture will have more to do with illustrating on the computer than by hand, because I absolutely suck at drawing, too!

  10. Oh yes, the good ol’ Asian parents days… Uh oh, I’m still there. Well, I’ve been sorta kinda free during the summer so while they did disapprove of my fingers-flying-across-the-keyboard skills it hasn’t been that bad. Ever since I started blogging, they’ve backed out a little on the disapproving looks but is there so I totally understand. I admire architects, I think they’re cool people and hello, Ted from HIMYM (he is whiny but he did design buildings so I’ll let that slide… For now). Anyway, good luck on that scholarship!

    Megverseee, you be so cool! xD Love all those subheadings you came up with and it makes me so glad that you’re into sci-fi because I love sci-fi!

    Welcome to Horror October yourself! I’m so excited for all the creepy crawly stuff that I’ll be reading this month. And I hope that your October won’t be as tiring as September but then it’s the month of mid-terms so, all the best!

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