Sci-Fi Saturday: What I Hope the Future Holds

Imagination is more important than knowledge, Albert Einstein said. So let’s do a little imagining today by creating our own futures! I’m going to be listing down some things I hope the future will hold. And then hope against all hopes that I’ll be alive when that future comes.

Space travel

Because I live in the city, the night sky is almost always void of stars. But just think. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get boosted up into space, where you’re surrounded by nothing but planets and stars? And even better — if you could visit Saturn, the most beautiful planet in our solar system, or Jupiter, the biggest? Or maybe go beyond that, but we probably won’t be able to figure out the equation for warping just yet. However, I DO have some good news about this: apparently,Β NASAΒ is working on a real life warp drive machine!Β The only problem is that one of the scientists said it would be impossible for it to happen in our lifetime. Aw.

No more traffic jams!

Laugh all you want, but I’m serious. Even though I don’t have a driver’s license yet, every time I am late for something, the traffic jams are to blame. If only our government could come up with a solution for this — like maybe cars that can squeeze through gaps between other cars? Think about it: you’ll never be late for work/school again! Or, they could even invent flying cars. Which brings me to…

Flying cars

Just take a look at this:

See any other cars in the sky? No? Then, ladies and gentlemen, you would be right. And did you know scientists actually predicted that flying cars would be up and running by the year 2000? Yep. Maybe they forgot to add in another zero when they made that statement.


I know we’ve read so many stories where aliens come to Earth to harvest its materials and kill off all humans, but what about friendly aliens? I think it’s fascinating that we’re not the only living beings in outer space, and that there tens, maybe even millions of other species of aliens out there, waiting (or not) to be discovered… But then I think about this, and suddenly I’m not so sure anymore:

From the film ALIEN, directed by Scott Ridley

Over to you!

What do you hope YOUR future will hold? Time travel? Teleportation? Inventions of your own? Feel free to share below!


21 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Saturday: What I Hope the Future Holds

  1. It seems to me that some pretty cool stuff will happen after our lifetime. Bummer! But flying cars – why aren’t we inventing that? Well maybe they’re secretly working on it πŸ˜‰ Great post Meg πŸ™‚

  2. I’m hopping there would be teleportation…someone should work on that already xD imagine how awesome it would be if we didn’t have to wait for a few weeks for our books to arrive — shipping takes so long to my country haha. You just pay the books and BAM they are already on the doorstep haha xD

  3. I would love space travel! That truly sounds amazing. Not sure about the flying cars because if there were flying cars, I think no doubt there would be a traffic system for that as well because if not, everyone would probably crash into each other if flying cars were as abundant as cars right now.

    I’m not up for aliens, I personally think we should leave them alone and not welcome them to our planet. Discovering them is one thing but trying to establish communication is just risky business. You never know what they would do to Earth, maybe I’m just paranoid but it seems dangerous. Curiosity might kill the cat in this case xP

    I would definitely love teleportation, travelling will never be easier if we had that.

  4. To be honest, I’m a little scared of that future. I’m a little (or a lot) paranoid that if we build a lot of great robotic stuff, they’ll rebel against us. I know that it sounds really weird, but it’s something I’m scared of! Teleportation would be really cool and so would space travel. I’m a little paranoid we’ll find something like the Borg but I doubt that would happen in our lifetimes. Great post! πŸ™‚

  5. Flying cars and nonexistent traffic jams would be awesome, as would space travel. But I think I’d rather someone else go up into space than me – I’m kind of scared of the thought of being alone up there in vast darkness, floating amongst the stars. It’s a strange and beautiful and absolutely terrifying thought to me. And yes, definitely not those aliens. *shudders*

  6. I’m all for flying cars! It’ll be so cool. You know, like, “Harry 18th birthday, sweety! Here’s your flying BMW!” πŸ˜€

    As for aliens… yes, if they’re friendly. Which is unlikely. If I want the world to end, it has to be epic. Aliens are overused. I don’t think anyone will be impressed after the countless movies and books about them πŸ˜€

  7. I would totally sign up to get a flying car. I guess I need my driver’s license first, but details.

    Teleportation would also be amazing. I would love to travel, and teleportation would make that a breeze. Imagine all of the places people could travel to that they couldn’t before!

    I have to say no to the aliens part. The idea of them coming to our planet is super scary to me, even if they are really friendly.

  8. I want teleportation. That way I don’t have to worry about driving everywhere. For two reasons: first, I’d get to sleep more and second I’m a really horrible driver/really bad at parking.

    Oh, that Alien picture. I had no idea that happened when I saw Alien v. Predator. It was very, very disturbing.

  9. Aww yes, it would be wonderful. I like the stars, too, and luckily they are pretty visible here. Hm, I think I’d pick Saturn as my destination. Its “rings” are so beautiful. Sigh.

    A flying car would be pretty neat too. Bye-bye traffic jams~
    But I’d prefer if those aliens would stay at home πŸ˜‰

  10. I’m a huge Star Trek fan, so I really hope that space travel happens in the future, but I do have my doubts. I also doubt that flying cars or any kind of hovercraft will ever become the norm, even if they are invented at some point. It just doesn’t seem feasible, especially since we’re already kinda running low on energy sources, you know? Sigh. 😦

    (LOL I just noticed the comment prompt says “Submit Your Transmission” — I LOVE your blog. ;D)

  11. I am really hoping for teleportation. That would be way easier to go places, especially since I can’t drive. However, many people will abuse it, which would be a major problem. There’ll probably be some regulations. IDK. I keep thinking of the pros and cons of this! Lol. I just want it to happen!

    It’s strange that 20 years ago or so, everybody thought that by the 21st century, we would have flying cars. That hasn’t happened yet! But let’s keep our fingers crossed!

    No thank you on aliens. Just the thought of other life forms outside of Earth freaks me out.

  12. Oh my gosh, I would totally LOVE IT if space travel was invented. I don’t know about cars that can squeeze between other cars (because, you know, people are inside those cars), but I am hopeful about flying cars! I think it would be incredible to be able to drive above the clouds πŸ˜›

  13. When I was little, I told my mum that I wanted to live in Jupiter but she told me that I’d die there so I was afraid of the rest of the solar system after that, heh. OMG. I want a flying car. It has badass written all over it πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for sharing, Megan! I love this post <33

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  15. You know what would be insanely cool? If you could somehow enter the world of a book. As in, kinda like a movie, but virtual reality. THAT WOULD BE FLIPPING AWESOME! Imagine being able to go to Hogwarts πŸ˜€

    And OMG YES flying car!

  16. I don’t know why flying cars aren’t a thing. I mean, seriously, it’s not that freaking hard to make! You know how to make airplanes, you know how to make SMALL airplanes, and you sure as hell know how to make cars. Just put one and one together! But what do I know?! I mean, I’m sure it’s more complicated than that.

    As to seeing other stars… errr, yeah, I hate to shatter your dreams, but apparently you and I were born too early. There’s this system that scientists use to predict how much time it would take to land on other stars, and … it’s not that promising. Gahhhh.

  17. Ahmmn… Let me organize my thoughts first… I am so excited that I’m afraid it would render me incoherent. Bwahahaha.

    Warp Drive Machine- What about that one way trip to Mars? I was really looking forward to sign up for that one.

    No more traffic jams and flying cars- YES! YES! YES! Flying Ford Anglia and Knight Bus everyone? What would I have to give tp ride on these types of transpo? I don’t care if I’m going to spend my time throwing out the contents of my tummy. Hahaha.

    Aliens- If I am going to meet Jake Sully and Neytiri of the Avatar movie, them I’m in. But if all aliens look like that in the picture, ahm, I’ll content myself looking at my fellow humans. Hahaha.

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